GODACO Spreads Tet Cheer To Underprivileged Workers

On January 26th, 2024, GODACO leader implemented their commitment to social responsibility by presenting gifts to the Labor Federation of Tien Giang province. The donation included valuable contributions towards building charity houses, as well as Tet gift packages for underprivileged workers.


Mr. Nhan - Sales Director, on behalf of GODACO Seafood JSC Board of Directors, gave a speech at the opening ceremony

This initiative reflects GODACO's ongoing dedication to supporting those in need and improving the lives of people in difficult situations. The company firmly believes in accompanying the community and fostering a spirit of solidarity, especially during this important cultural occasions like the Lunar New Year.


Mr.Nhan presented symbolic "Union Shelter" Tet gifts to workers and laborers   

  GODACO extends its warmest wishes to all its workers and the wider community for a happy, healthy, and prosperous Tet season. May this coming year be filled with an abundance of joy and success for everyone.


Some pictures in the show 


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