Since 2005, GODACO has significantly increased its Pangasius farming areas to fully self-supply raw materials for production.

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GODACO has invested heavily in our farming capability, especially our ASC-certified fish farming areas, which cover over 80 ha out of a total area of 300 ha, and supply over 150,000 tons of raw materials annually.

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Farming Areas of GODACO

GODACO boasts an expansive Pangasius farming area spanning over 300 hectares (equivalent to approximately 140 football fields), solely devoted to closed farming practices. Each year, we supply our processing plants with over 150,000 tons of raw fish, ensuring a steady and abundant source for our operations.

Fishmeal Plans

We develop our tailored feed formulations in our very own Aqua-feed Factory (Go Dang Vinh Long) for optimal nutrition at each fish growth stage. Our farmers receive training on feed and feeding, emphasizing the importance of nutritious feed for quality products and sustainable farming practices. We continuously experiment with new formulations to promote healthy fish and a sustainable environment. Our feed mixes are produced and monitored under strict controls, contributing to advancements in feed science over the past two decades and beyond.

Wastewater Treatment System

Our water treatment system is certified by not only Vietnamese government standards (Regulation QCVN 01-1/2018/BYT) but also by international standards (Council Directive 98/83/EC) in which 20% of sewage water is recycled for more economical purposes such as:

- Saving budgets for clean water supply

- Converting water to environmentally friendly materials

- Improving working and sanitary conditions

Solar Energy System

We are switching to solar energy to reduce electricity consumption. Solar panels are being installed across our facilities, saving up to 20% on costs. The project will be completed by 2025, with a total investment of $15 million.