GODACO's Booth At Foodex Japan 2024

From March 5 โ€“ 8th, 2024, GODACO participated in the Foodex Japan Expo. Foodex Japan is the largest and most important event for the production, business, food, and beverage industry in the Japanese market. The exhibition is a gathering destination for many suppliers as well as customers with demands in the F&B sector in general and seafood in particular.

GODACO professional team at Foodex Japan 2024

GODACO had the opportunity to meet and interact with customers around the world, to introduce quality and healthy products such as Pangasius fillet, Clam, Value-added products, Tuna, Canned food, and Agricultural.







Our professional team is ready to advise and introduce detailed information about available products. Customers can enjoy some of GODACO's best-selling products.
The exhibition took place successfully and well, setting a milestone for future cooperative relationships between GODACO and potential customers.




We hope to see you at the Foodex Japan Expo next year.

If you need advice on the above products, please don't hesitate to contact email: sales.team@godaco.vn.


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