Parfry Karaage Pangasius Portion

Experience the exquisite flavors of our fresh white fish fillets, meticulously prepared by removing the skin and excess fat, and expertly fried in the traditional Japanese Karaage style. Delight in the exceptional juiciness, remarkable crispiness, and mild, flaky texture of our fish, offering a truly satisfying culinary experience.

- Size: 20-30gr/pc or as per customer's requirement.
- Cooking instructions: 
+ Oven or Air-fryer: 190°C–200°C | 20-22 mins
+ Deep fry: 165°C-170°C | 6-8 mins
- Storage instructions: -18°C in cold storage (freezer)

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Different shapes, different forms, different flavors are tailored or customized to customers’ preferences and requirements